Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to Basics

I am wondering does anyone know what does "Back to Basics" means. I come across a topic posted by Imsavvy on facebook with the above topic.

Its interesting to know that not all are aware of the importance of saving. That is the most basic things to do in personal financial. Without saving, you will not be able to make your money work for u, will not have money during emergency and will have to keep working hard for the money. Is that what u want in life?

If the answer is "NO", then start to save NOW.

The next question will be, how to save? If u have read my older post on "Saving", you will get the answer. But I will still say it here. Saving is money u put aside before your expenses. That means u need to put at least 10% to 20% of your salary aside as saving before you start to spend on your expenses. How to do this when my expenses is the same amount as my salary?

You need to go thru your expenses and cut those that is not a necessity. Eg. SCV, 2nd mobile line, 2nd internet line, going to restaurant for meal, turning on aircon to cool room 30 mins before sleep, turning on water heater 30mins before bathing, etc...

Plan your expenses so that u can save 10% to 20% every month, and NOT pay your expenses then the rest will be your saving.

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