Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lesson learn - Stock Market Trading.

Does anyone invest in stock market as a newbies actually know how the stock market trading work?

I only get to know that I can buy and sell shares and I have to pay a commission for each sales transaction.

The things I found out is that:

1) The commission is $25 or 0.28% whichever is lower (based on what the T&C stated on the application form you signed on).

2) If you buy the same counters (eg. Singtel shares) twice or more in a day, then the commission charged is the total amount of share you buy for the day.
eg. - I buy 10000 Singtel Shares at 10am, then I buy another 10000 Singtel shares at 11am. The commission I pay for this two transaction will be $25 or 0.28% whichever is higher.

There is also other option of trading mode but I have yet to explore. Will update it here when I get a hand on it.

Stay tune and visit for more updates.

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