Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Step to Financial Freedom.

I will reach the stage of financial freedom when I don't have to worry about money. That also mean that, I am debt free, my saving can support me till I die and my investment is still bring in money. I can do with or without a job.

The big question is how can we reach the stage of financial freedom? How long will it take to be financial freedom?

All this will depend on your spending habit and also your financial education.

If you like to spend all your paycheck within the month and have not receive any financial education, then it will take a life time to attain financial freedom or even not able to attain it.

But if you have all the financial education from financial and investment books and financial educated person, then you may take shorter route to financial freedom. That is because the financial and investment books will teach you the financial theory and the financial educated person will teach you the financial practical. So what is the first step the financial and investment books will teach?

First step:

- From financial and investment books:

* Clear your debts, eg. credit card debt, personal loan debt. But how?

- From financially educated person:

* Stop buying things or using services that you have no money to pay for.
* do a debt consolidation and approached a bank or financial insitution that offer lowest interest rate loan to settle all the debt with this bank loan. This will make you pay less money per month and also less interest.

After you have achieved the first step then we will proceed to the second step to financial freedom.

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