Sunday, June 15, 2008

Personal Finance

So I will first touch on Personal finance.

Personal finance mean, the way you earn, save, invest and spend money. You earn money thru salary or being self employed. You save up a certain percentage of salary / profit. You invest a certain percentage in the stock market, property and start more businesses. Last, you spend your hard earn money wisely and within your limit.

How can we reach the stage of financial freedom?

- We should not have any debt. Clear the debt first before thinking of what to do next. The interest charges of the financial insitution will dry you up if you don't pay them back. That is the way they earn money.

Second (have you clear your debt?)
- We should have at least 6 months of expenses as spare cash in case of retenchment or emergency.

Third (have you save at least 6 months of expenses?)
- We should always put at least 10% of the salary into a seperate account for investment use.

If you can do that, then only you can proceed to find what is the investment available in the market for you to invest in.

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